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Golden Bead Material

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The Golden Bead Material gives the child a concrete understanding of units, tens, hundreds, and thousands. It helps child to learn the formation of complex numbers, and the process of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The complete Gold Bead Material contains the following items: 100 Golden Bead Units with Box; 45 Golden Bead Bars of 10 with Wooden Box; 10 Golden Bead Hundred Squares; 45 Wooden Square of 100; 1 Golden Bead Thousand Cube; 9 Wooden Cube of 1000; 1 box with lid containing Large Number Cards (1-9000); 1 box with lid containing Large Number Cards (1-1000); 1 box with lid containing Small Number Cards (1-9000); 3 boxes with lids containing Small Number Cards (1-3000); 6 unit bead cups; 3 wooden trays;

Beads in 7mm Diameter Recommended by AMI Trainers.

Dimensions & Weights
Gross Weight: 20 lbs
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