About Bert Nienhuis

Mr. Nienhuis is the former co-owner and CEO of Nienhuis Montessori Group in Netherlands and Nienhuis Montessori USA in California, United States. As the third generation of the Nienhuis family who founded Nienhuis Montessori in 1929, Mr. Bert Nienhuis became the Director of Sales and Product Development in 1972.  He was promoted to CEO of Nienhuis Montessori in 1980. Under his management, the company grew to be the industry leader and hired more than 250 people. 

Since 2005, Mr. Bert Nienhuis provided distinguished and continuous service to Montessori Outlet. He became the corporate advisor in charge of products development and quality assurance.  Mr. Nienhuis offered an exceptional level of expertise for both product range and quality.  He ensured that all products are made in compliance of AMI and AMS standards.

Mr. Bert Nienhuis passed away in 2017 after 12 years of advisory services to Montessori Outlet. Mr. Bert Nienhuis had an exemplary career of contributions to the Montessori world.  Montessori Outlet will continuing to carry on the legacy of Mr. Nienhuis by providing quality and affordable Montessori materials to our schools and children.