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Montessori Outlet Exclusive Technology

As the world's leading Montessori materials developer, producer, and distributor, Montessori Outlet strives to integrate the world's most advanced technology into our products. In addition to the Water-Based Finishes that we've adopted through our entire production process, we've invented many new production methods with new high-end raw materials to enhance our products. Here are some highlights of the items using Montessori Outlet Exclusive Technology (MOET).

All dressing frames are made of beechwood with detachable side bars so that teachers can clean or replace dirty/broken fabrics and leather at any time.

All cotton fabrics are cross-double weaved to enhance their durability. Unlike discounted vendors who use a single fabric layer to reduce the production cost, we use double-layered fabric to enhance durability during tough use.

Products with MOET: 5102 series Dressing Frames.
Montessori Outlet works very closely with our Water-Based Finish supplier and we have mutually developed a new water-based coating system which minimizes paint chipping through normal usage. Teachers will not experience our products paint being chipped through normal classroom usage, compared to other vendors whose paint can be chipped as soon as the package has been opened.

Products with MOET: 510300050, 510300060, 510300091/92, 510300110, 510300390.
Produced by one of the world's most expensive ABS Injunction Molding systems, all our color tablets are made of high-quality ABS which is non-toxic and durable. Unlike other vendors that sell manually painted tablets (which confuse kids when trying to differentiate each color), all our color tablets are computer analyzed and injected. Color differences can be easily recognized with this world-leading technology and we guarantee that there will be no color chipping on our color tablets.

Products with MOET: 510300130/140/150/160 color tablets.
Montessori Outlet is very proud to introduce our sandpaper letters and numbers made of our exclusive organic glue. You will no longer experience sand coming off from the boards which is very common with sandpaper materials from other discount vendors.

Products with MOET: 510400011/12/21/22/30/51/52 Sandpaper Letters, 510500041/42 Sandpaper Numbers, 510300180/190 Rough and Smooth Boards/Tablets.
Saying Good Bye to the traditional dye-cutting moveable letters and numbers, Montessori Outlet is proudly introducing Laser-Cut hardwood letters and numbers. By utilizing the newest laser-cutting technology, we can offer letters and numbers depicting their actual sizes and proportions versus other vendors' 'cartoon' sizes. Solid hardwood provides more durability than layered wood, which can result in paint chipping, wood cracking, etc.

Products with MOET: 51040071 to 510400320 Movable Letter, 510500090/100/110/120 Movable Numbers.
We are introducing Montessori Outlet world's renowned Metal Insets made of high quality stainless steel sheet produced by Bao Steel, one of the world's best and largest steel producers. You will be happy to experience the quality of our Metal Insets made of 1.2mm thick stainless steel, while other vendors use cooper or lead sheet with only 0.6-0.7mm thickness. To minimize paint chipping, our factory has partnered with a GM-approved painting facility in Shanghai to help us finish the Metal Insets with minimum paint chipping.

Products with MOET: 510400400 Metal Insets
As the most fantastic items developed by Montessori Outlet, all our bead materials are made of high-quality Acrylics, which are non-toxic and durable. Rather than other vendors who sell bead materials using copper or lead wire which may corrode or be toxic, all our bead materials are connected with stainless steel wire which will not corrode. Our exclusive production technology also minimizes bending of the wires by kids, thus increasing durability during tough use.

Products with MOET: 510500900, 510500870, 510500880, 510500700 series, 510500830/860 , 510500910, 510500930, 510500890, 510500940, 510500960, etc. All beads materials.