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To Management Staff:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a wonderful experience I had working with your staff in both Kohburg and Montessori Outlet companies. I am opening a new Montessori school scheduled for early 2017 and as you can imagine there is plenty of material to order. I have purchased a few items with other carriers and was not happy with their quality and with their lack of customer service.

The employees at Kohburg and Montessori Outlet have provided an excellent customer service experience every time I called. Regardless if it was the last call of the day or before a long holiday weekend, each interaction was friendly, professional and helpful. I worked directly with Isabel Orellana as she assisted with my large order of furniture for one of the rooms. All the furniture arrived as was originally scheduled and was called prior to it's arrival to ensure someone was at the facility.

I look forward to sending you continual business.

(Susy Mahmud, The Young U Montessori School, Miami, FL)

I want to thank you for your fantastic customer service.

(Debra Avery, Australia)

The materials that I did receive are of excellent quality and we've made great use of them. Thank you very much for doing this good work.

(David Markle, MA)

Thank you for your promt response. You have great products at a great price and excellent customer service!

(Edie Hopper, CA)

I have purchased maps from several vendors and these are the best quality and last the longest. I will not buy them from other vendors again. The price is great and the quality is #1!

(Phoenix, AZ)

Thank you so much ! You don't have idea how happy you make me! I'm really glad I chose Montessori Outlet to buy these items. Infinite thanks again from me and my daughters (they simply love the material !) and hope to talk to you soon.

(Isa Clement, Italy)

What a great price for a quality pink tower that I expect will last through years of use. We received the tower very quickly, and they did include an extra smallest block that I did not know was included. (Which was a help when our dog ate the first one.) My son has loved and worked with this since it was first unpacked.

(Marla Mundheim, Roanoke, TX)

Dear Montessori Outlet, I have only just discovered your site and I am nothing short of being in disbelief! I live in the UK and simply cannot believe your prices and the rewards you offer as well as your trade-in service. I have never known of any company that provides a service that comes even close to this. I going to start filling my cart and will be placing my first order of many! I look forward to shopping with you and will undoubtedly be recommending you to my Montessori friends!

(Rebecca Jugon, UK)

Hi Patricia, THANK YOU so much. I really appreciate doing business with Montessori Outlet because the customer service is fantastic! We have a new school this year and registration period is coming up and this is when we will really understand where we stand in the market. Getting our classroom materials before our big Open House (more than 50 parents have RSVP'd!) is the most important task right now. We want families to see that we are a well stocked classroom with many excellent quality materials for their little ones to work with. Thank you for hearing me out on my order 'problem' and doing your best to 'course correct' us!

(Christine Bradley, Bellevue, WA)

Thank you, and by the way, we are VERY pleased with the quality of the materials. It is superior to multiple other companies from which I have ordered.

(Tara McCann, TN)

Emmie, Thank you so much for all your help with my order. When I arrived in North Conway from Ireland, my order was waiting for me outside the door. As always you are so efficient. I will be ordering from you again the next time I visit North Conway. My Montessori school nearly has all the equipment required thanks to Montessori Outlet. It rained when I was in New Hampshire so it was just like being at home. Thank you so much again.

(Catherine McCormick, Ireland)

I'm very pleased with all the montessori material i bought, thank you for your rapidity and professionalism. OURS SCHOOL Maternelle 1 class is already up and running in Versailles, (France) Thanks to all of you at Montessori Outlet!

(Tanya Chailloux, France)

I was trained as an AMI Montessorian over 30 years ago. I entered the field when Nienhaus was the only distributor of quality Montessori materials. I am so happy to have found Montessori Outlet. Thanks to Montessori Outlet, I once again have a fully equipped Montessori classroom. Although the materials are affordably priced, they loose nothing in the way of quality or durability. Montessori Outlet's Geography, Language and Mathematics materials are top quality. Thank you Montessori Outlet.

(Eon King, San Francisco, CA)

I just received the materials I purchased from you and I absolutely love them! Before knowing about you I purchased some materials from [another Montessori vendor], the knobs from the material I bought fell off! I'm so glad I've found you!

(Michele Spout, Incline Village, NV)

I really love your stamp game set. It has wooden stamps instead of plastic and is made with quality materials. I prefer it to the stamp games from other manufacturers.

(Reiko Bailey, Niwot, CO)

I placed my first order with your company just over a week ago and was astonished and thrilled when it arrived today in its entirety. I wasn't sure whether or not I would be impressed by the quality of the materials but figured since I was opening my first school and did not have a lot of money to work with it would do and I could replace the materials later on once I had some cash flow. I am extremely pleased by the quality of the materials - they are beautiful and I definitely won't have to replace them for quite some time. It has been a few years since I've taught so I was so happy to see the montessori materials again, I sat down and shared them with my 4 year old daughter as we unpacked them. I am so impressed that with as many materials as I ordered all arrived in great shape with everything accounted for. And I am amazed the order arrived so quickly. I will definitely be ordering more from you as money starts to come in and I am looking forward to passing on your company's website to other montessorians. Thank you so much.

(Teresa Pruett-Epp, Olathe, KS)

We received our order today. We were so happy with the quality of your materials. We looked at each item one by one. Thank you for your excellent service.

(Cassandra Durham, Pearl City, HI )

I am really glad to receive such great customer service. I can see that things have changed a lot at Montessori Outlet since 2007. My most recent order (about a week ago) was shipped very quickly and in its entirety.

(Ann West)

Thank you for having your customer service department call to straighten out our issue with the Buckling Frame. They were very helpful and we received the new item this week. We look forward to purchasing more items from Montessori Outlet!

(Reina Gardner, Lousianna)

Thank you so much for your quick reply and assistance! Our new Montessori materials have greatly enhanced our learning environment and our teachers love it! Mahalo and Happy New Year!

(Leona Blankley, Hawaii)

Well my next school is almost ready and I need to buy materials and fortunately, I can't seem to find materials comparable to yours. Are you willing to accept an order from us?

(Varsha Patel, Texas)

It is always nice to feel that somebody is assisting you when shopping and having questions regarding issues we are not used to. I got the assistance I needed from Kevin whose customer service skills were outstanding: he was polite, clear and definitely gave the help we needed. Thank you so much for the good job you do to help us to create a better education for our treasures: our students.

(Laura Fonseca, Costa Rica)

I am very happy with the quality of your materials, super!. They're beautiful and in perfect conditions. Attention and help was given to my questions about delivery concerns.

(Cecilia Hernandez, Mexico)

I have been very happy with all of the materials. I really appreciate the wonderful customer support.

(Siji, USA)

Your materials are an excellent value and quality and I think that participants will be interested in learning about your company. Montessori Outlet is the only Montessori material supplier that I would approach, you are my first choice.

(Catherine Nehring, USA)

I have been very happy with all of the materials I have seen from Montessori Outlet. Thank you for being available to Montessorians at accessible prices!

(Lulu Steinberg, USA)

Thank you for the good news! I know that Montessori teachers everywhere will pleased with your high quality AND authentic materials. I know I will be purchasing from Montessori Outlet in the future.

(Catherine Nehring, USA)

I am very happy with the quality of your materials. It has been stressful to operate the existing classrooms while setting up the new expansion and deciding on what to order first. Thank you Michelle for being so patient with me.

(Munira Ali, USA)

The furniture and materials are great! I hope you soon open up the possibility to order directly in Europe!

(Ulrich Dehn, Germany)

Our school is growing thank you for all your beautiful furniture that has added to the beauty of our School.? Mahsa Najafi, USA, Posted: 2008-01-11)

May God bless your business ever more as your provide quality products to schools all over.

(Katie Tseng, USA)

I am SO impressed with your materials and service. I have already recommended you to many of my Montessori friends and associates! Thanks for having such a wonderful company.

(April Sansone, USA)

Thank you so much! I really love your new materials. The quality is excellent. I will recommend to all my classmates and friends!

(Donna, USA)

hello im from german my english is very terribel! ich finde diese seite echt total supper weil wir das thema gerade in der schule haben

(Maresa Fresenborg, Germany)

I am very happy with the products of your company, they are the best prices that I have found in montessori material . I have a small school with the montessori method and already practically have the whole necessary material for my students. thank you for your support and to have good material with very comfortable prices!

(Luz Angelica Schuitt, USA)

The materials are beautiful and the quality is definitely excellent. They arrived quickly and the prices are unbeatable.

(Erica LaFata, USA)

I'm very pleased! The materials arrived last week. They're great and in perfect conditions! Thank you so much

(Susy, USA)

Thank you for your generous donation of math materials for our annual Montessori Workshop at Collin County Community College! We had approximately 100 participants and they all wanted to win your donation! I would also like to thank you for making Montessori materials affordable!

(Deborah Herrington, USA)

Thank you so much for your help! I am sorry it's taken me so long to respond, your email went to our mutual Inbox and I didn't see it until today. I will mail the items back to you this afternoon. I appreciate your help. I will definitely be ordering from your company again. My son's school, Kennedy Heights Montessori is very happy with your products and I hope to start my own school in the near future. Thanks again.

(Ren Andrews, USA)

I have already used some of the materials I purchased and am very pleased.

(Stephanie Froehlich, USA)

You guys have been so Great about working out the few problems that we have had-- I really appreciate everything you both have done! I will definitely recommend your company to other schools and will be looking forward to ordering from you in the future!!

(Shannon McDonald, USA)

I just wanted to say thank-you very much, my order arrived on Tuesday afternoon and I am thrilled, I am very happy with the equipment that came. I just love the way my school looks!!! The equipment arrived just in time as licensing called me on the Monday and said they had a cancellation and could come and license the school on the Wednesday, the lady from licensing loved the look or the school and we passed, so I am even more happy that the equipment was able to get here in time for her visit, thank-you!!!!! Thank-you for all your help, I will definitely recommend your company and will do business with them for myself in the future.

(Tracy Abbey, USA)

I just received the package. Everything is ok. I'm very happy. Thank you for everything

(Cristel, France)

To the owners and staff, The materials that I ordered from you arrived today and are great!!!! I just wanted to thank you for putting out a line of products that allow even small schools to afford great quality materials that rival those of the big name Montessori suppliers. I would also like to thank your customer service department for their assistance. Thanks again,

(Steve Shuey, USA)

It is the best packaging that I have seen from any company!

(Sheila, USA)

Thank you for the excellent customer service you have and i will always be a loyal customer of your store.

(Rama Yalla, USA)

Your products and prices are incomparable! Your metal inset trays are amazing! Thanks

(Pamela, USA)

Excellent customer service and shipping is fast.

(Teresa, USA)

I love your bead materials so much. Excellent quality!!! I will definitely buy more from your company.

(Maria Sanchez, USA)

Careful attention was given to customer queries and concerns. Satisfaction was guaranteed. Happy to have found Montessori Outlet for my Montessori needs.

(Tina, USA)

We are very pleased with the materials that we ordered from Montessori Outlet. Great quality and service.

(C. Fuess, USA)

Your maps are wonderful! I had some expensive Montessori name-brand maps that were given to me. The pieces were so thin that they got broken frequently- sometimes beyond repair. Your maps have thick, sturdy pieces that are compatible with the heavy use that they receive in my classroom. Not only that, but they were only a fraction of the cost! At first I was discouraged, because I was used to what I had, and a lot of people put emphasis on the "name" of the product. But after I realized the superiority of your product I realized how shallow I was being. Now I know why many of your products are sold out! With such low costs, I am able to also buy items for my home, we were never able to do this before! Thank you so much!

(Jessica K, USA)

The materials arrived. They more than met my expectations. Even my husband who is often skeptical of my "finds" was impressed. The children in our preschool have gained a new ally in their learning process. Thank you again, Grace, for working out the difficulty with the mistaken double order is much appreciated.

(Mary Brown, USA)

I was grateful to find a place to get quality materials at prices I can afford!! You can bet I will be buying again!

(Kelly, USA)

My students love your products and because we are on such a tight budget (being a very small rural private Montessori school in Alaska) we highly appreciate your prices.

(Rachel Pugh, USA)

I was very excited to be able to get quality materials at a reasonable cost. I like the website-it's user friendly and has a fair amount of information. You are serving a wonderful need for those of us running smaller schools that do not have the necessary funds required to purchase other materials. Your customer service has been excellent. When I have run into problems with orders, they have been dealt with in a friendly and timely manner. Thank you!

(Sterling Hard, USA)

What great prices and great service. I enjoy your website - it is easy to navigate - clear pictures

(Chandler Payne, USA)

Thanks Grace, you have been so wonderful! I will definitely be ordering more and more as I need it. Everything is so nice! I was very pleased with the quality of your products.

(Sheila Huyett, USA)

I am happy with the products so far. Customer service was tremendous in working with me as an individual with items and concerns.

(Lynne, USA)

Montessori Outlet has great merchandise at great prices. Shipment was fast, and customer service kept us informed. I would recommend this company highly.

(Kathy Young, USA)