Lead Test Report

At Montessori Outlet, we understand that product safety is the key priority, a requirement we implement at our factory and demand of our suppliers. We will not tolerate products that do not meet our safety standards. In order to achieve our high safety standards we utilize leading independent testing laboratories to perform product testing for reliable information on our products.

As the second-largest Montessori supplier, we take our responsibility to help educators keep classrooms safe seriously. That's why we adopted the worlds leading painting technology known as "Water-Based Finish" in our factory's production, which is free of heavy metals. Below is the link to download our Water-Based Paints lab test results. The report shows that while other vendors sell products with some percentage of heavy metal chemicals listed in their paint testing report, our products are rated entirely None-Detected. The independent lab test report proves that our products are free of harmful chemicals such as lead, so that educators know that our products are safe to use in classrooms.