The goal at Montessori Outlet is to provide teachers and parents with premium quality Montessori materials at affordable prices. Since we sell materials directly to our customers avoiding any additional retail mark-up, we can pass any savings directly to our customers.

To ensure the quality of our materials, we invited Mr. Bert Nienhuis (former Nienhuis Montessori CEO) to be our Corporate Advisor on products development and quality assurance. All our premium-quality materials are made based on the authentic blueprints approved by Mr. Nienhuis. Our montessori materials are 99% compatible to Nienhuis Montessori materials.

Since 2007 and 2008, our subsidiary factory has successfully earned and continuously maintained UKAS ISO 9001 Quality Control and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certifications from the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the United Kingdom National Quality Association.

In April 2008, our factory became the only Montessori materials producer in China certified by the China National Quality Inspection Committee, which is the official certification that none of our products contain lead, and our production satisfies European and US Toy Safety Standards, as well as US Federal CPSIA HR4040 Children Products Safety Standards.

With the opening of our new 250,000 sq-ft factory in China and 27,000 sq-ft distribution center in the USA, as well as our 100% passing rate on product safety tests at world renowned German TUV Rheinland Laboratory, we've become one of the two largest Montessori materials suppliers in the world. We believe that we offer the very best value: premium quality materials at affordable prices.